Background of the Firm

The Next-Door Consultant is a Firm providing Consultancy Services. It was established in 1995. The name of the Managing Director of the firm is Md. Ali Alaul Haque. The firm is enlisted with Incorporation Bangladesh Certificate of Incorporation (under Act XVIII of 1994) N0 KHC-1767/2019.It also enlisted with Bangladesh Consulting firm under the ministry of finance. The firm is ISO Certified and perform Feasibility Study, Master Planning, Landscape Design, Several infrastructural design like  Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Sanitary Plumbing, water resources, Irrigation, Quantity surveying with BOQ, Marine Infrastructural design and supervision services. The firm also perform consultancy services for government civil construction works. The firm’s Head Office situated at K.D.A. Extension Building, KDA Avenue, Khulna. Dhaka office, at Darussalam Arched, 14, Purana Palton, Dhaka. Chitagong Office, 42/D, Upalata, Amirbag, Mehedibag, Chittagong. Rajshahi office, Saheb Bazar zero point, Rajshahi. Barishal Office, North Bogra Road, Habib Monzil, Baby Stand, Barishal. The total office space occupied by firm is about 2000 SFT. The firm also related with soil test firm named “Techno Soil Engineering” and “Premier Boring and Engineers”. The firm provide consultancy services for private, residential, commercial, industrial infrastructural works. Also provide consultancy services for Government / semi Government projects like, Sundarban Bio Diversity Conservation Project, Sundarban Wild life and tourism project, sundarban Echo-Tourism and Development Project, social forestry works under social forest division. The firm also providing consultancy services for Bangladesh Navy, Swiss Agency for Development and Co-Operation (SDC), Switzerland, Christian Services Society and a lot of private and Public organizations namely Bangladesh Defence Ministry. Consultancy for Marine Project of High Speed Navigation Company, Trawler of UNESCO Project, Gang way, Poltoon, Engine boat, country boat, Jetty and several maintenance works of forest department also IT sector.

The firm having a total of 75 skilled technical personnel with full capacity of Architectural, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Sanitary Plumbing, Quantity Surveying set-up in all nine Divisional Cities capable to work in their respective locations with entire satisfaction and requirement of our valued clients. The firm have logistic supports as required. The firm equipped with digital modern machineries and equipments. Sufficient supporting staffs involved in their field of works. The firm provide technical supports from the very beginning of designing, then  supervise from lay-out to completion of the project. Lot of Projects completed satisfactorily and successfully. This firm design cyclone shelters in coastal area funded by SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Co-Operation), which was awarded nationally. The Architect of this firm achieved international award. The firm standing on its proud by designing and implementing several projects satisfactorily. Next Door Consultant Ltd. has been designed several beautification projects. Designed several Park and Play Grounds. Designed several master plan for the requirement of the projects. Modern element has been included in the Park as a requirement of the present demand. We have designed Park and Play Ground under Dhaka South City Corporation. Beautification of the Potenga Beach under Chittagong Development Authority is implementation stage. We have designed Pirojpur DC park under Social Forest Division, Bagerhat. Linear Park at bank of Moyur River under Khulna City Corporation is now implementing. Designed Sheikh Rasel Eco Park. Several Government, Semi Government, Autonomous Body, Private infrastructural works has been designed and implemented by the Next Door Consultant Ltd.

Team Members

Range of Services

Main practices of the company covering the full range of services are:

  • Architectural Planning and Supervision, Urban Planning, Master Planning, Engineering Design and Supervision, Structural Design and Supervision, Electrical Designing and Supervision, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Aeristrator Design, Water Supply and Sanitation Works, Waste Water Disposal, Sewerage Disposal, Irrigation Drainage & Flood Control Engineering, River Bank Protection, Town Planning, Rural and Urban Development including Supervision, Hydraulic Engineering, Environment Analysis,
  • Biodiversity Conservation Management.
  • Soil testing/Geotechnical investigation
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Material Engineering
  • Surveying Works/ Topographic and all type of Engineering Surveys;
  • Cost-estimation, Preparation of BOQ and Tender Documents
  • Construction Supervision of Residential, Iindustrial and Commercial Buildings, Roads, Ghats, Bridges, Culverts, Guide wall, Retaining Wall, Palasading etc.
  • Feasibility Study and Preliminary Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of development projects;
  • Socio-Economic Studiesand Social Impact Assessment
  • Community relations and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Institutional and Organizational Strengthening and Capacity Building
  • Offshore and Marine installations EIA (environmental impact assessment)
  • Environmental quality mapping using GIS
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Development Projects
  • Urban Management

Environmental Quality Monitoring

Next Door Consultant Ltd. maintains widely experienced and capable professionals to conduct environmental quality parameters monitoring. The indices such as meteorology, air quality, noise levels, surface and ground water quality characteristics, soil/sediment quality characteristics profile and examined as part of comprehensive monitoring program/plan.

Formulation of Environmental Management System/Plan

Next Door Consultant Ltd. has got the capabilities to help establish plan and program for monitoring of on-going & post-project environmental quality parameters performances as deem necessary by the Clients/Sponsors in order to ascertain whether the approved/recommended Environmental Management System (EMS) and/or Environmental Management Plan (EMP) are functioning properly by the facility through feedback mechanism. To materialize the goal, Next Door Consultant Ltd has formulated required formats and methodology for conducting environmental monitoring system/plan and also possesses suitable manpower and resources to conduct both operational and environmental monitoring studies.

Next Door Consultant Ltd. provides a whole life cycle Design and Supervision consultancy capability in the following areas

Preparation of Operating Guidelines

Next Door Consultant Ltd. had the knowledge and proficiency to prepare operating manual to manage the safety, health and environment at various levels such as managerial & operational and guidelines for contractors and supervisors.

Socio-economic and Institutional Studies      

Consultants/Professionals Experts under these disciplines of Next Door Consultant Ltd. have the competency in carrying out socio-economic and institutional studies, which include demographic studies, regional economic development studies, studies on traditional aspects, Transportation & infrastructure facilities. Requirements of institutional set up and its re-structuring analysis, which is mostly needed to implement various management plans, can be effectively worked out by the concerned consultants/specialists of Next Door Consultant Ltd.

Client focus: The Company includes an extensive network of professionals and academicians and is active in many disciplines of services. This ensures diversity in company offers and expertise whereby Next Door Consultant Ltd. can always follow its clients. The emphasis will therefore be on strengthening our own knowledge centers and expertise areas.


Result-orientation: Next Door Consultant Ltd. strategy is expedited towards generating the financial results required to ensure the continuity and growth of the company.

Top expertise: A sound professional background enables us to conceive the best possible solutions to clients needs. Next Door Consultant Ltd.  highly qualified staffs are strongly focused on personal and professional development.

Respect: Next Door Consultant Ltd.  allows room for personal wishes. Tasks are appointed on the basis of individual skills and talent, and staff has a large measure of responsibility in structuring their works. We respect other viewpoints, opinions and cultures, and we are conscious of our role in the society as a whole.

Integrity: We advise clients from an independent perspective and honour the principles of integrity.

Compliance: Next Door Consultant Ltd.  provides its services in accordance with the ethical rules as laid down in the BNBC Guidelines for Business Integrity Management in the Consulting Business

Administrative Strength

Organization and Management

A fully developed Management Information System (MIS) is functional to generate and provide required management information e.g. status of ongoing projects, developing projects, staff resources, inventories of documents, CVs, etc. The MIS is continuously monitored to accommodate new issues to meet the management requirement and to facilitate decision-making.


The overall management of Next Door Consultant Ltd.  rests on a Board of Directors. All the Directors have proven qualification and experience with high level of management capabilities. The management is familiar with the relevant development sectors of national and international levels. The Board of Directors convenes regularly to discuss policy issues, project management and future course of activities.

Apart from Board of Directors, a Corporate Management Committee meets regularly with the Sector Heads and other professionals in order to identify and remove bottlenecks of the sector and discuss status of different on-going projects and other relevant issues.

The Corporate Management Committee (CMC) of Next Door Consultant Ltd. provides backstopping services to the projects including Quality Assurance, Contractual Negotiations, Financial Management, Travel/Medical, Database Development, Project Accounting, Report Production, etc.



Mrs. Runauzzaman                     B.B.S, (Chairman)

Md Ali Alaul Haque                                B.Com., Management, Azam Khan Commerce College, (Managing Director)

Md Alomgir Hossain                             B. Arch. Khulna University, 2007 (Director Architecture)

Md Bakhtiar Rahman Sheikh              B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), BIT Khulna, 1993 (Director Engineer)


Mrs. Runauzzaman                                B.B.S., (Chairman)

Md Ali Alaul Haque                                B.Com, Management, Azom Khan Commerce College, (Managing Director)

Md Alomgir Hossain                             B. Arch. Khulna University, 2007 (Director)

Md Bakhtiar Rahman Sheikh              B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), BIT Khulna, 1993 (Director)

Md. Mosharrof Hossain Shahajahan:           B.Arch. BUET , Dhaka. (Nov, 1972), Member, Institute of Architects    Bangladesh

Md Azahar Uddin                                    B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), BUET, 1967, Ex-Chief Engineer, KDA

Md Mamunur Rashid                             B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), KUET, Superintendent Engineer, KUET.

Md Abdul Awal                                       B. Arch. KU, (B.Arch.), 1999 (KU), (MBA), 2007 (NUB), Prof. NWU

Md Abdur Razzak                                  B.Sc. Engg. (Civil), CUET, Additional Chief Engineer, KU.

Md Abdulla Al Masum                      B.Arch., 2000(KU), Post Graduate certificate (Pg.Cert.), City Design & Regeneration. 2003 (London Metropolitan University), MRes (Master in Research), Advance Spatial Analysis and Visualization. 2013 (UCL, UK).

Delegation of Management Authority

In order for smooth management and administration of the projects to deliver quality of services and products, several sections are established headed by a professional staff for each. The head of each corporate section are thus delegated to be part of the corporate management.

Human Resources Development and Management

The human resources development and management of the company is governed by its HR and Administrative policies and procedures. Professional staffs are offered by external visits and training programs, and assisted for their career planning and development. The high quality of professional outputs is ensured through a set of performance appraisal criteria to fulfill extreme satisfaction of the clients.

Quality Assurance Systems

The internal control system

The prime quality control step is the deployment of team members with long experience and proven expertise in the relevant fields. The professional team members are highly reputed and experienced expert in their respective fields. The next control is done by diligent review of the existing materials and cross check with relevant stakeholders of various tiers.

The external control system

The external quality control is carried out by capturing comments observations and suggestions by the practitioners and professionals of relevant sector as required by the clients. This is usually achieved through consultative meetings and personal interactions. At each stages of the assignment the firm obtains comments and suggestions from various stakeholders. A part from these formal meetings the consultants will make a number of dialogues with persons deemed to be useful to obtain necessary information and feedback to improve the quality and decrease mistakes.

Sl.No.NameDesignationYear of ExperiencePermanent Address
1Md. Ali Alaul HaqueManaging Director 28 years343, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Khulna
B. com
2Md. Bakhtiar Rahman SheikhDirector28 yearsKhalishpur, Khulna
3Mrs. Runa UzzmanaDirector 21 years343, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Khulna
4Md. Harun-Ar- RashidManager46 yearsSheikh para, Khulna
5Sk Habib ImamManager Admn23 Years145 B,K ,Ray Road, Khulna.
6Ar. Musharaf Hossain Muhammad ShahjahanChief Architect45 years538, Shewrapara, Shaid Sharoni, Dhaka
B.Arch. BUET
7Ar.Md. Nazrul AlamSenior Architect24 years227, Toot Para Main road Rezia Manjil, Khulna
B.Arch. KU
8Ar. Md. Abdul AwalArchitect22 yearsAsha Bhaban, Thana Road, Narail
B.Arch. KU
9Ar. Mohammad Abdullah Al Masum Architect23 yearsNext Door Architects
B.Arch. KUK.D.A Bhaban
10Ar. Md. Alamgir HossainArchitect14 yearsNext Door Architects
B.Arch. KUK.D.A Bhaban
11Ar. Abdullaha Al- FerojArchitect15 yearsKhalishpur, Khulna
B.Arch. KU
12Ar. Amol Kirishna RayB.Sc. in 26 yearsPaikgasha, Khulna
Naval Ar. & Marine Engr.
13Ar. Mr. TuhinArchitect15 yearsNext Door Architects
B.Arch. KUK.D.A Bhaban
14Ar.Md. Kamruding Ahmed Junior Architectgolahamari Bank town colony, Khulna
( Sagor)B.Arch. KU13 years
15Ar. Mr. ShakibJunior Architect12 yearsNext Door Architects
B.Arch. KUK.D.A Bhaban
16Ar. Md. Abu AslamJunior Architect11 yearsKhalishpur,Khulna.
B.Arch. KU
17Ar. Mukta SarkarJunior Architect14 yearsMongla Khulna
B.Arch. KU
18Ar. Mr. Ejaj AhmedJunior Architect10 yearsNirala,Khulna
B.Arch. KU
19Ar. Md. JakariaJunior Architect10 yearsNirala,Khulna
B.Arch. KU
20Ar. Sabbir Mahfuz KhanJunior Architect8 years
B.Arch. KUNirala Khulna
21Raksona Afroja KanokJunior Architect10 yearsSheroimoni, Khulna
Dip-in Arch
22Engr. Biswas Shahadat Hossain Urban & Rural planer (B.Sc. Civil) 39 yearsKhalishpur,Khulna.
from RUET
23Engr.Md. Fazlur RahmanFoundation Engineer (B.Sc. Civil) 41 yearsKhalishpur,Khulna.
from BUET
24Eng. Md. Sirajul IslamChief Engineer35 yearsKhalishpur, Khulna
(B.Sc. Civil)
25Md. Abdure Razzaque.X.E.N33 yearsNext Door Architects
(B.Sc. Civil)K.D.A Bhaban
from CUETKhulna
26Engr. Asit Kumar AdhikaryDesign Engineer 33 yearsBakali, Egarokhan,
(B.Sc. Civil)Narail.
from CUET
27Engr.Md Bakhtiar Rahman Sheikh.Project Engineer (B.Sc. Civil)28 yearsKhalishpur,Khulna.
from KUET
28Engr. S.M. Moniruzzaman Design. Engineer.22 years79,MT.Road, Khulna
(B.Sc. Civil)
from KUET
29Engr. Md. Rafiqul IslamAsst. Engineer13 yearsNext Door Architects
(B.Sc. Civil) K.D.A Bhaban
30Engr. Sk. Md. Kamal Uddin Asst. Engineer.21 yearsHSB 6/8, Khalishpur
(B.Sc. Civil)Khulna-9000.
from KUET
31Engr. Shaolin FerdousiAsst. Engineer9 yearsTootpara, Khulna.
(B.Sc. Civil)
32Engr. Shaila ParvinAsst. Engineer9 yearsDaulatpur, Khulna.
(B.Sc. Civil)
from KUET
33Eng. Md. Abdur RabAsst. Engineer41 Years South Central Road, Khulna
34Engr. Kazi Nazrul islamSub-Asst. Engineer (Dip-in-Civil)33 yearsBosupara, Khulna
35Engr. Mahamudul HasanSub-Asst.Engineer27 yearsDoulotpur, Khulna
36Engr. Md. Imamul ShaikhSub-Asst.Engineer24 yearsChandansree, Ajagarah,
(Dip-in-Civil)Rupsha, Khulna.
37Engr. Md Delwar HossainSub-Asst.Engineer23 yearsVIll. Babupur,
(Dip.in.civil)Dist Narail
38Engr. S. M. Nazrul IslamSub- Astt .Engineer22 yearsAladatpur, Narail.
39Engr. Md. Khorsedur RahmanSub-Asst.Engineer21 years12, Mistripara Khal Road,
40Engr. Anjan kunduSite Engineer21 yearsHSB 6/8, Khalishpur
41Engr. Shahin SultanaSub-Asst.Engineer21 yearsMoshor pasha pachim para, Khulna
42Engr. S.M. Noor-A-AmbiaSub-Asst.Engineer20 yearsEngr. S.M. Noor-A-Ambia
43Engr. Md Abu shalah PatewariSub-Asst.Engineer20 yearsRupsha Khulna
44Engr. Md. Chand AhmedSub-Asst.Engineer20 years188, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Khulna.
45Engr. Md. Ieasin Sheikh.Site Engineer20 yearsVillage. Southjogipol
46Engr Khalid HosainSite Engineer18 yearsVill.Gaikur,
(Dip.in.civil)p.o.Aronghata, Khulna
47Engr Sardar moshfekur RahmanSite Engineer17 yearsKhalishpur. Khulna
48Engr. Mousumi AkterSub-Asst. Engineer13 yearsKhalishpur Khulna
49Engr. Sarder SharfinSite Engineer10 yearsKhanjahan, ali road Khulna.
50Engr. Pankaj HalderSite .Engineer9 yearsVill. Bilpabla Dumuriea, Khulna
51Engr. Ajydeb kumar SarkarSite .Engineer9 yearsVill. Chandpur, Dist Shatkhira
52Engr. Tarikul IslamSite .Engineer8 yearsRampal, Bagerhat
53Engr. Md. Mojibur Rahman(Surveyor) Engr.31 yearsIbrahim main road khulna
Dip in Civil
54S.M. Abdullah Al-MasumURBAN PLANNER22 yearsNext Door Architects
(MURP) BUETK.D.A Bhaban Khulna
55Dilip Kumar BiswasURBAN PLANNER21 yearsVIll. Madhupur, Dist Patuakhali
56Engr. Md. RokonuzzamanX.E.N. Electrical26 yearsShera bangla roar khulna.
57Engr. Debabrata KarmokerSub-Asst. Engineer28 years28, Islampur Road, Dolkhola, Khulna-9100
(Electrical) KUET
58Engr. Md.Shamsur Rahman (Electrical)28 yearsMoylapota, Khulna
Sub-Asst. Engineer
53Engr. Md. Jahangir Hossein Asst Engineer14 yearsPS. Kalaroa, Dist Shatkhira
((B.S.C Electrical)
60Engr. Omor Sharif (Electrical)9 yearsTootpara, khulna
Site. Engineer
61Eng. B.M. Asaduzzamaaaan, P Eng.Mechanical Engineer.26 years4, Hajee Ismail Link Road, (Sidiqua Mohalla) Khulna.
(B.Sc. M.Sc. Ph.D Fellow)
62Engr. Ronobir PaulMarine Engineer.24 yearsKhulna
63Eng. Md. Emaz Uddin Mechanical Engineer.21 years.Gobindapur, Parbatpur, Dinajpur.
64Eng. Md. Enamul KabirDiploma-in Power19 years13, Hazi Ismail Crose Road, Khulna.
65Eng. Sk. Md. Mahmud Alam Diploma-in Power18 years14, Hazi Ismail Link Road, Khulna.
66Engr. Md. Monirul Islam Sikder.Engineer.17 yearsNext Door Architects
(Mechanical)K.D.A Bhaban
67Engr. Mr.Ovijit ShilMarine Fisheries Technologist17 years.Domra, Agajarah,
Rupsha, Khulna
68Eng. Md. ShafiqueMarin. Mechanical Engineer16 years30, Bousu para main road Khulna.-9100
69 Md. Washim Shafique.Marin Engine16 years22, Minara Mosjid Road, Solaiman Nagor, Khulna
70Engr. Mr. Raju Ahammed Mechanical Engineer (Diploma)15 years21/8, Khiljee Road Mohammadpur
71Eng. Md. Sukur Ali Molla Mechanical Technology Engineer 13 yearsDumuria, Khulna.
72Md. Habib ImamParches officer 26 yearsSheikh para, khulna
73Md. Jakir HossainOffice Assistant18 years343, Sher-E-Bangla Road, Khulna
74Md. Faruk HossainOffice Bearer 22 yearsKda Newmarket, Khulna
75Md. Kalam HossainOffice Guard 28 yearsKDA Mojid Shoroni Khulna

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